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High tech treatment in cerebral palsy: individual challenges

Jeroen VermeulenJeroen Vermeulen

Prof. dr R. Jeroen Vermeulen did his training in Medicine at the VU medical center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He got his PhD on a thesis about the role of Dopamine D1 receptors agonists in a model for Parkinson’s disease. After his residency in neurology he became child neurologist at the VU medical center in Amsterdam. He did his training in child neurology under supervision of professor Marjo van de Knaap. He did additional training in child neurology in Tubingen (Germany) under supervision of prof.dr. I. Krageloh-Mann.

Keynote lecture presented at the 32th EACD Annual Meeting in Poznan, November 28, 2020

The marvellous 12 months: how the brain shapes itself for a life of relationships


Andrea Guzzetta

In his talk, based on his research group’s interests in foetal/infant motor behaviour and the emergence of intersubjectivity, Prof. Guzzetta will address the connection between movement and social development, and the implications in children with brain damage, starting from early gestation up to the first months of life.

Keynote lecture presented at the 32th EACD Annual Meeting in Poznan, November 27, 2020

Technology for assessment and therapy in pediatric rehabilitation

Jaap-HarlaarJaap Harlaar

Prof. Jaap Harlaar, holds a chair in Clinical Movement Analysis at Amsterdam University Medical Center, where he developed several functional diagnostic methods to inform treatment decisions in children with cerebral palsy. Recently he was also appointed at Delft University with a chair in clinical biomechatronics, and serves as director of studies in Clinical Technology & Technical Medicine. Prof. Harlaar is a past president of ESMAC (European Society for Movement Analysis in Adults and Children).

Keynote lecture presented at the 32th EACD Annual Meeting in Poznan, November 27, 2020

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