Communications Committee


To ensure EACD will be highly visible to families, clinicians and academics in the field of childhood disability, and to ensure EACD will provide high quality, accessible information, education and resources to enable best practice for individuals with childhood-onset disabilities and their families.



Jackie Casey, OT, PhD

Advanced Practitioner Occupational Therapist - Special Seating
Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast



John Coughlan, PT, MSc

Member of the EACD Families & Users' Forum; 
Secretary General of ICPS and CP-ECA



Oleh Kachmar, MD, PhD

Head of Innovative Technologies Department and Information Center; International Clinic of Rehabilitation, Truskavets


Álvaro Hidalgo-Robles, PT, MSc

Lecturer and Researcher at the 
International University of La Rioja



The EACD General Management Committee elects the members to form the EACD Communications Committee. Communications Committee  members are elected for a period of 3 years.

Role of Communications Committee Members

The Communications Committee members are expected to work closely together with each other. Communications Committee members have to be members of EACD and must attend the EACD Annual Meetings during their term.

The responsibilities and duties of the EACD Communications Committee members are:

  • To build a community of EACD members and build the profile of EACD as an organisation by using a range of communication channels.
  • To inform and update the membership on the ongoing activities and events of EACD
  • To communicate and disseminate research findings relevant to the mission of EACD across Europe and beyond, and to facilitate the communication of research findings to clinical practice in an easy accessible way where appropriate.
  • To foster co-operation and communication between people with an interest in childhood-onset disabilities in Europe and beyond.
  • To encourage people to become professionally active in the field of childhood-onset disability
  • To support the other members of the Communications Committee with any tasks and/or decisions as requested.
  • To present on request of the GMC, during a GMC meeting and/or AGM meeting an update on EACD's Communication Strategy.


EACD Communications Committee members are accountable to the EACD General Management Committee for the stated duties and responsibilities.



The European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) is an international not-for-profit association founded in 1989, and is an association for anyone with a clinical and/or scientific interest in childhood-onset disabilities in Europe and beyond. EACD's mission is to promote research and education for the benefit of people with childhood-onset disabilities throughout Europe and beyond. 


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